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Energy Efficiency Rebate Program In Cooperation With Tri-State G & T

To promote efficient electric energy usage, we're offering cash on the following units to encourage the installation of the most effective systems available.

Energy Efficiency Credits are offered with the stipulation that no other credits, rebates or special rate/discounts apply.

Credits must be requested within 120 days of installation.

PLEASE NOTE:  AS OF DECEMBER 23, 2019 -TRI-STATE G & T  HAS MADE THE DECISION TO CONTINUE THE RESIDENTIAL LED REBATE FOR THE 2020 CALENDAR YEAR FOR RESIDENTIAL LED REBATES  Any question please call George Ehlers -Manager Member Services-719-743-2431 regarding any rebate questions.


Electric Motors


Water Heaters & Heat Pumps


Energy Star Air Conditioners


Energy Star Appliances


Residential LED Lamps



For further information contact  George Ehlers-Manager-Member Services at 719-743-2431.

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