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Prepay Metering

Prepay metering is KC Electric's newest offering. 

You choose which is right for you! 

Traditional Vs. Prepay




Connect Fee:   Connect Fee:
$20.00   $20.00
Deposit:   Deposit:
$100 minimum   $0
Billing:   Billing:
Due by the 20th of each month   Pay as you go
No monthly bill
Late Fee:   Late Fee:
$5.00 plus 1.5% of balance   $0
Disconnect Non-Pay Fees:   Disconnect Non-Pay Fees:
$95.00 - Disconnect   $0 - Disconnect
$95.00 - Reconnect $0 - Reconnect
Monthly Maintenance Fee:   Monthly Maintenance Fee:
$0   $5.00 (daily = $0.17)

If you would like to know more, please contact  K.C. Electric Association at 1-800-700-3123

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